I am officially entering month 8 of surgery recovery. I feel like I lost an entire year of my life to my back. More than two years if I count the way my back limited me beforehand. I hate how much my body has changed. I still can’t really fit into most of the pants […]

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What it means to start fresh in 2020

Next month, I am starting a new job. A part of me still doesn’t feel like it’s real – mostly because there are still so many steps in the bureaucratic process that I still have to get through. And I feel like at every step I will meet an obstacle that will result in someone […]

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Plum Rain Season

It’s been raining in Shanghai for the last month. The thing about rain in Shanghai, is that no matter how often it rains (all the goddamn time), everyone acts as if they have never seen rain in their entire life. The first scooter accident I ever got into was because a woman on a scooter […]

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Write everyday

Good writers write every day, right? It’s not a calling, but more of a muscle that needs to be practiced day by day. That’s where this blog used to stand, first on wordpress, then standalone, then I lost the desire to update it. Sometimes we get caught up in creating something to the very end, […]

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Acts as Taggable On Tutorial with Rails 5

acts as taggable on how to rails

For more posts in this series, check out my tutorial on Devise Authentication with Rails 5. Acts as Taggable On is one of my favorite underrated (and awkwardly named) Rails gems. There’s almost always the need to search or organize objects in a Rails application and using tags simplifies the process so much. It also saves developers […]

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5 Hidden Moscow Bars You’ll Never Get Into

image courtesy of the El Copitas Instagram

Moscow does hidden bars right. There’s no pretense of secret doors hidden behind a bookshelf, or phone booths where you dial just the right number. No. Moscow speakeasies do not want to be found. They conceal themselves well — behind unmarked metal doors and dingy alleyways that smell like cat piss and warm garbage water. These places […]

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April-May 2018 Reading list

reading list march

Truth be told, my cooking style is all over the place – I’ve never met a plate of (gluten-free) pasta that I haven’t fallen in love with; I try to make vegan Buddha bowls whenever I can. But at the end of the day, my comfort food is always Russian – spring potatoes with dill, […]

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