Dianshan Lake

Last Saturday, I went to Dianshan Lake, an oasis right on the border of Shanghai and Suzhou. It was so nice to get away from the city and feel like you were in nature, and in some ways feel normal and American, on a yacht club with a Marina and a pool (the longer I […]

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What it means to start fresh in 2020

Next month, I am starting a new job. A part of me still doesn’t feel like it’s real – mostly because there are still so many steps in the bureaucratic process that I still have to get through. And I feel like at every step I will meet an obstacle that will result in someone […]

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Travel Tips: Harbin


I just came back from a frigid, yet incredible weekend in Harbin, where I flew to visit the ice and snow festival. Harbin is a must-do in the winter in China. The Ice Festival is Disneyland meets Elsa’s castle from Frozen. Except, instead of “Let it Go”, there are giant speakers blasting Russian folk classics […]

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