I am officially entering month 8 of surgery recovery. I feel like I lost an entire year of my life to my back. More than two years if I count the way my back limited me beforehand. I hate how much my body has changed. I still can’t really fit into most of the pants […]

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Swedish Vanilla Almond Cake

swedish almond cake recipe

Dave and I got engaged in Stockholm, sitting on a park bench and overlooking the water of Gamla Stan. It was a biting cold October afternoon in Sweden, so as soon as I said yes, we stopped at a café for fresh cinnamon buns and coffee. This particular almond cake is best served right out […]

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Herbal Oxymel Tonic

making oxymel at home

Do you ever feel like you’re that one friend who is late to the party? Yeah, I’m kind of in that boat. Here in China, every US trends we get is delayed by about 3-4 months. By the time that you’re tired of reading Buzzfeed listicles about avocado toast, negronis, or ramen burgers, they’re still […]

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2018 Goals

I know New Year’s resolutions are overplayed, but I still like the idea of starting off a new year with intention. So here goes. My first goal for 2018 is to stop spoiling movies for myself by reading the summary on Wikipedia beforehand. Do any of you guys also do this? It’s a bad habit I’ve […]

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