Write everyday

Good writers write every day, right? It’s not a calling, but more of a muscle that needs to be practiced day by day. That’s where this blog used to stand, first on wordpress, then standalone, then I lost the desire to update it.

Sometimes we get caught up in creating something to the very end, perfecting every detail, that we forget to fall in love with the process. I had these lofty goals of what this was – carefully curated recipes, lifestyle, coding, travel. And that is all me still (well, not the travel, have you seen the state of our world lately?) but I want to take some time to just have a space where I am writing. Maybe daily. Maybe not. My Medium has grown to 20,000+ views a month. I want this to be a space for reflection and to simply practice writing.

I feel like whatever I’ve done before has been too curated, so this needs to be a place to document my life, but also a place of honestly. I’ve changed so much since I first started my wordpress in 2014. It seems unfathomable that it was almost six years ago. So here’s to writing more and overthinking less.


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